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Why not call our Speaking Clock Service which features the voice

of Pat Simmons.


The number is

0871 976 2879


Calls to our Speaking Clock service cost 13p per minute, plus VAT, plus your phone company's access charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

•  Please remember to bring in the remote control handset and seperate power supply if your set has one.


•  Other accessories, such as standard mains leads, instruction booklets, loop aerials, detachable control door/flaps and loose fitments, will not normally be required, so please leave them at home.


•  If you are bringing in a Hi-Fi separate we may need the entire system if the unit will not function on it's own.


•  Many DVD Player/Home Cinema combinations have the amplifier and the power supply housed in the sub-woofer, so please remember to bring this along, together with the interconnecting lead.


•  If you are bringing in a DVD Recorder or PVR with an integral hard disk drive, to prevent damage to the hard drive, please ensure that you power down the unit before disconnecting it.


•  When repairing recorders with an integral hard disk drive we cannot guarantee the contents of the hard drive. Some fault conditions necessitate the need for us to erase the hard drive or it may be faulty in which case the contents are lost. We cannot be held liable for any loss of recordings.


•  When bringing a DVD Recorder in for repair for not reading, writing or finalising discs etc., it is often helpful to leave a sample disc with us.


•  During the repair of your AV equipment to improve the reliability of your equipment we may update the firmware. We cannot be held liable for any loss of recordings.


•  If you do decide to bring in a Plasma TV, rather than book a call-out, please ensure that the unit is transported in a vertical position at all times, otherwise the screen may be irretrievably damaged.


•  LCD and Plasma screens are easily damaged, ensure that you wrap them up and pack them well, preferably using the original packaging.


•  When bringing in a wall mounted flat panel television it would be helpful if you can reattach the original pedstal stand, if available.

What do I need to know when bringing in an item for repair?

•  We will understake to try and carry out a repair on equipment up to twelve years old. This is due to difficulties in obtaining spare parts we may in some circumstances chose to decline undertaking repairs on older equipment.


•  Please note that with some less common brands we may have difficulty in sourcing spare parts. Whilst we will make every effort to obtain any necessary parts we cannot guarantee to complete the repair if the parts are unavailable.

• When contacing us to arrange a service call it would be helpful if you have the make and model number of the equipment to hand, this can usually be found on a label on the rear or the side of the equipment.


•  When calling out to repair wall mounted flat panel televisions, we will normally only remove the equipment from the wall bracket providing the distance between the base of the set and the floor does not exceed one metre. This applies to both under warranty, insurance and chargeable repairs. Special arrangements may be made to handle equipment in higher locations, but at an additional cost. Alternatively you may wish to arrange removal of the set from the wall bracket onto a suitable stand before we call.


•  If your TV is wall mounted it would assist us if you can have the original pedestal stand & screws available, this will enable us to more easily transport the TV, work on it and store it safely.

What do I need to know when calling you out?

What else do I need to know about your repair service?